Discuss the results of the past deliberation
workshops and delibinars held accross the world.

UNESCO has launched a global consultation leading to the adoption of the first global standard-setting instrument on the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI). A draft recommendation has been elaborated by an ad hoc expert group (AHEG) appointed by UNESCO.
As part of this consultation, UNESCO has collected comments from an online survey, regional consultations, and the open, multi-stakeholder, and citizen deliberation process led by Mila and Algora Lab (Université de Montréal).
From July 15 to August 10th, 2020 we organized closed deliberation workshops and open discussion sessions on the AHEG recommendation document for the guidance of AI development. An analysis report was presented to the AHEG on Monday, August 17th, 2020.

You will also find on this website the documents we have developed for the deliberations, available in several languages.


Deliberative events


Deliberative workshops


Thank you to all the facilitators, organizers and participants, for making this project a success!

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